Flood zoning estimation and river management by using HEC-RAS and GIS model

Document Type: Original Article


civil engineering


Reliable estimates of river stream fl ow and fl ood zoning maps are needed for water resources
management such as fl ood mitigation, water supply, dam construction and irrigation. Flood zoning needs
accurate data and is one of the non-structural fl ood management methods. This paper describes the
application of HEC-RAS and GIS model to determine fl oodplains maps for the part of Sardabrud River
that lies in Mazandaran province (Iran). Results obtained by HEC-RAC model were used in combination
with GIS to prepare fl ood zoning maps for different return periods. For this purpose, the geometrical plan
of the river was prepared with the aid of HEC-RAS software and through regional topography data. After
importing the data to HEC-RAS model, fl ood phenomenon was simulated in 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, and
1000 years return periods. Through fl ood zoning maps, areas that are vulnerable to fl ooding hazards have
been identifi ed. Analysis of fl ood zoning maps indicated that more than 168 square kilometer is likely to be
inundated as compared to the normal fl ow of the river. Also results of the current study indicate that depth
of fl ow is happened in 1000-year return period and 163 meters respectively.


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